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Bruno Azeredo



Published, In Press or Accepted

1.    Sharstniou, A., Niauzorau, S., Hardison, A., Puckett, M., Ryckman, J., Krueger, N., Azeredo, B.*, “Roughness suppression in electrochemical nanoimprinting of Si for applications in silicon photonics”, Advanced Materials, accepted, 2022

2.    Niauzorau, S., Kublik, N., Sharstniou, A., Sampath, V., Bandarenka, H., Azeredo, B.*,Electroless Dealloying Of Thin-Film Nanocrystalline Au-Ag Alloys: Mechanisms Of Ligament Nucleation And Sources Of Its Synthesis Variability”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 14, 15, 17927-17939, 2022

3.    Ramesh, R., Niauzorau, S., Sampath, V., Wang, L.*, and Azeredo, B.*, “In-situ Temperature Dependent Optical Characterization of Nanoporous Gold Absorbers Fabricated by Thin-Film Dealloying”, Advanced Optical Materials, 2102479, 2022

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